Acid Erosion

Most people take their teeth for granted on a daily basis. Sure, they eat with them, they smile, and they even brush them twice a day – but the teeth are more susceptible to damage than most people realize. Simple choices made day in and day out have the ability to severely damage the teeth.

What you choose to put inside your mouth affects every part of your mouth. While this may sound obvious, do you make decisions about what you eat, drink, chew, suck on, and indulge in with this in mind? Acid erosion is a serious concern for people, yet most of them do not realize it. The teeth are vulnerable to decay in more ways than just developing cavities. Acid erosion occurs when the tooth structure (i.e. the integrity of the tooth enamel and gum tissue) becomes deteriorated due to the chemical dissolution by acids. Foods, beverages, and certain habits are the biggest culprits behind acid erosion.

If you are an avid soda drinker, listen up. Carbonated beverages are among the worst things that you can put in your mouth. Do you know that mechanics have been known to pour carbonated beverages to remove battery acid off a car battery? Do you know that EMTs have been known to use carbonated beverages to clean blood off asphalt after car accidents? On search on Pinterest for “How to clean your toilet,” will advise you to pour soda into the commode to wash away grime. As “cool” as all of this may sound, just imagine what the elements of carbonated beverages are doing to your teeth every time you drink them. The high acidity of soda can cause detrimental damage to your teeth when consumed on a regular basis.

Tobacco, with its other known damaging side effects, coffee, alcoholic beverages, citrus fruits, tomatoes, and pickled fruits and vegetables are also high in acidity. Limiting your consumption of these foods and beverages can help protect your teeth from becoming weakened and more susceptible to cracking, chipping, breaking, becoming sensitive, and being vulnerable to decay.

Acid erosion is a dangerous oral health concern. At Group Health Dental, we encourage you to limit your consumption of high acidity foods and beverages. If you do indulge, it is essential that you make your oral health hygiene a priority. Call our practice today to schedule an appointment for a cleaning and checkup.

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