Brushing Up On The Basics

When it comes to oral and dental health, there’s no question that regular brushing and flossing are paramount. Yet, Very Well Health explains that if individuals are not brushing correctly with a soft-bristled toothbrush, they might be causing tooth abrasion and even damaging their gum tissues. Thus, if you want to achieve good oral health, it’s important to brush up on the basics.

To begin, it’s best to floss your teeth beforebrushing. In doing so, tiny food particles and bacteria are removed from the crevices of teeth. Next, it’s important to prepare your toothbrush. This means to wet the bristles and apply a thin strip of toothpaste (make sure that the toothpaste is ADA accepted and contains fluoride).

Brushing in the back is a good place to start, particularly with the upper molars. Try to point the bristles in a 45-degree angle along the gumline. Using short, circular motions, work around the circumference of the mouth in a clockwise direction. Another technique is to roll the brush head away from the gum line, so that plaque can be removed in a sweeping motion. Once the outer surfaces of the upper teeth have been cleaned, these steps should be repeated for the inside surfaces of the teeth. Also working in a circular motion, the top surfaces of teeth should be cleaned next. This includes the upper and lower premolars and molars.

Just like the teeth, the tongue, insides of the cheeks and roof of the mouth should be cleaned. Not only do these areas contribute to bad breath, they hold onto food particles and bacteria that could lead to decay. Finally, water or an ADA-accepted mouthwash should be used to rinse away any remaining debris.

While brushing and flossing regularly is vital to achieving strong, healthy teeth, it is equally important to commit to dental checkups.

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Group Health Dental proudly serves Chelsea and surrounding communities with comprehensive dental examinations and cleanings. These provide important clues into your oral health, saving you the time, money and pain related to serious dental issues. Best of all, you’ll have a smile that you’re proud to show off.

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