Can I Benefit From Dentures?

Have you lost all of your natural teeth, perhaps from a severe injury or tooth decay? If you answered yes, dentures are a tried and true restoration that can replace missing teeth and restore your smile. What’s more, Mouth Healthy explains that dentures can fill out the appearance of an individual’s face and profile, and they can make it easier to eat and speak. The truth is—almost anyone can benefit from dentures.

Dentures: Types

Conventional Denture: A conventional denture is a full, removable restoration that is fabricated and placed in the mouth after remaining teeth (if any) have been removed and tissues have healed. However, because the healing process takes several months, individuals will be without teeth during that time.

Immediate Denture: The immediate denture is placed right away following a tooth extraction procedure, in which remaining teeth have been removed. The benefit is that individuals do not have to go without teeth during the healing process. Even so, as swelling along the gum tissues decreases, the denture may need to be relined.

Overdenture: When some natural teeth can be saved to maintain the integrity of the jawbone, an overdenture fits over the remaining teeth after the dentist has prepared them.

Whether you are in need a full denture to cover an entire row of missing teeth, or you need a partial denture to complete your smile when a few natural teeth remain, the team at Group Health Dental is ready to help.

Given our experience in replacing missing teeth, we understand that the benefits of dentures extend beyond the function of teeth. When teeth are missing, the muscles around the mouth and cheeks begin to weaken. The face often appears to have lost volume in the cheek region, which causes an individual to age prematurely. Yet, when customized dentures are placed, the structure of the face is reestablished, and individuals regain the vibrancy of their smile.

Are you ready to take the first step towards your new smile? Call Group Health Dental today!

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