Consider Giving Dad A (Dental) Power Tool For Father’s Day

Group Health Dental would like to wish all the dads out there a Happy Father’s Day on Sunday, June 17thof this year. Are you ready with the best gift for your awesome dad? We certainly encourage you to make a traditional handmade card or craft to express your gratitude for all he’s done. In addition, Group Health Dental has another gift your dad will be sure to love…a power tool!

Electric Toothbrush

Your dad loves getting a job done, and getting it done well. Why not put a tool in his hands that empower him to get his oral care done, and done right! Electric toothbrushes are an effective tool for brushing teeth and maintaining awesome oral health.

Why Are They Power Tools For His Teeth?

Electric toothbrushes do offer a powerful brushing, but let’s be real; you can offer your teeth a great cleaning manually as well. However, if your dad suffers from arthritis or manual dexterity issues, an electric toothbrush is highly recommended to get the job done, and get it done well. Ultimately, a good tooth brushing depends on the person brushing more than it does the tool utilized.

An electric toothbrush makes his brushing easier. They also typically offer a superior oscillating/rotation/pulsating head that works to loosen plaque and wash it away. Some electric toothbrushes even come with a timer in it to ensure you don’t cut your two-minute brushing session short.

In addition to your regular brushing and oral hygiene methods at home, it’s important to incorporate professional dental cleanings into your dental health care plan as well. Even an electric toothbrush cannot remove stubborn plaque and tartar that can build up on the surfaces of your teeth and in your gums. Contact Group Health Dental today to schedule your professional dental cleaning today.

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