Dental Phobia

Millions of people know that they should visit the dentist at least once a year, yet they refuse to go. Of those millions of people, over half of them would admit to having some sort of dental issue that should be addressed, but they still refuse to see the dentist. Fear, anxiety, stress, and panic often get in the way of people visiting the dentist. Their emotions or past experiences continually confront them, making it almost impossible for them to make, or keep, dental appointments. Dental phobia is a real condition that often gets in the way of people receiving the dental treatment that they need.

People cite many different reasons for being wary, or for flat out refusing, to see the dentist. Some people had bad experiences at the dentist early in life that they have never been able to move past, and these experiences haunt them and do not allow them to feel comfortable seeking dental care again. Many people have a sensitive gag reflex, and they are fearful of how it will respond during a dental cleaning or procedure. And still many others simply cannot stand the scraping sounds from having their teeth cleaned. If the thought of laying back in a dentist’s chair puts you into a cold sweat, please know that it is incredibly important to speak with these issues with your dentist.

Allowing dental phobias to cause you to put off dental appointments and/or necessary dental care is very dangerous. Your mouth is home to millions of bacteria on any given day, and these bacteria can wreak havoc on your mouth in a very short amount of time. Any speck of decay can quickly become a major issue if it is not treated in an appropriate time frame. When cavities, decay, and infection are left untreated, they can all begin spreading to neighboring teeth and gums. This type of issue can compromise the health of the entire mouth, causing the need for extensive dental work. Also, dental issues are not limited to the mouth. The blood supply that supplies each tooth with life is the same blood supply that runs throughout the body. An infection in the mouth can quickly spread throughout the living tissues of the body. Much research has been done to prove that oral health concerns are directly linked to diabetes, kidney failure, heart disease, miscarriage, and preterm labor. Ignoring your oral health leaves your entire body vulnerable to detrimental consequences.

At Group Health Dental, we are your dental practice. We want to help ensure that you receive the treatment that you need. If dental anxieties are an issue for you, please let us know. We offer compassionate and complete care.

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