Don’t Forget Your Tongue-We Won’t!

Have you ever been told to hold your tongue! The saying refers to watching the words you’re saying and either limit them or stop saying them at the moment. At Group Health Dental, we will certainly watch your tongue, but we do it literally, not figuratively speaking.

When you come in for your comprehensive dental checkups we will check for signs of oral cancer and other signs of oral issues that present themselves on your tongue. We will examine your oral tissues by looking at your lips, tongue roof and floor of your mouth, and the inside of your cheeks.

When we examine your tongue it needs to be maneuvered around in your mouth so we can see every angle and side of it. The condition and color of your tongue can communicate a lot about your health to our dentists. Often times, harmful oral habits such as grinding or clenching of your teeth or tongue and smoking will be revealed when we examine your tongue. Your tongue can also reveal oral cancer, vitamin deficiencies, canker sores, oral thrush and oral lichen planus.

For these important reasons, Group Health Dental makes examining your tongue an important part of our exams. We’d also like to remind you to care for your tongue as well. Harmful bacteria live on your tongue. By brushing your tongue twice a day you can help fight bad breath and keep it free of bacteria as well.

Call us and book your comprehensive dental checkup today. We look forward to seeing you.

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