Emergency Dental Care You Can Depend On

When emergencies occur, you often do not have much time to think about things before you make a decision. You simply look at the situation, assess the situation, and then proceed with the best information you have at the time. It is unfortunate that emergencies do not happen on schedule – that you cannot plan in advance when they will occur, who they will happen to, and the length of time that it will take for recovery. While the state of an emergency is that it occurs at random and typically at the most inconvenient times – having some sort of plan in place for those “what if” moments can help you make the best decisions during moments when you often do not have the time to make them.

Dental emergencies often take people by surprise. They may know what to do if a heart attack occurs, if someone is choking, or if a child breaks a bone – but having a tooth knocked out or an excruciating pain occur in the mouth can set people into a frenzy.

At Group Health Dental, we want to be the first name that comes to mind should any dental emergency arise. Our comprehensive dental practice is conveniently located in Midtown Manhattan and features an experienced team of dentists. With specialists in the areas of general dentistry, endodontic dentistry, periodontal dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, and restorative dentistry – we can handle all of your dental emergency concerns.

Group Health Dental is a trusted source for exceptional dental care for patients of all ages. A chipped tooth, a cracked tooth, a knocked-out tooth, an abscess, a tooth infection, or facial trauma that has damaged your teeth are all qualified as dental emergencies. Our practice will respond quickly to make every effort to treat your emergency as soon as possible.

Group Health Dental provides emergency dental care that you can depend on. Please keep our dental practice number handy so that if you or a family member ever needs immediate dental care, you can call us. We look forward to caring for all of your oral health needs.

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