Feeling Some Stress About Your Olympic Team?

The thrill of the Olympics is in the air. That’s all everyone is talking about these days. It’s hard to get everything done and cheer for your favorite Olympic team at the same time. Perhaps your dishes are piling up in your sink, the house needs spruced up and the trash needs taken out, but the television keeps you glued to it.

There’s a thrill around the Olympics, but it can also cause you some stress. If you’re a highly competitive person you could have stress related to winning on your mind a lot. Did you know that some habits (especially those related to anxiety and stress) could cause a harmful nighttime habit?

Teeth grinding or clenching (Bruxism) can happen subconsciously at night while you sleep. It can be a result of stress or tension that you are experiencing during the day. This harmful habit can wear down, chip, fracture or crack a tooth. If you wake in the morning with headaches or a sore jaw, this may be an indication that you are engaging in nighttime clenching or grinding of your teeth.

Our dental experts at Group Health Dental can help you identify if you are engaging in this nighttime habit. Our custom nightguards are comfortable to wear, made to last and highly effective in preventing TMJ and tooth damage. Book your appointment for a custom nightguard at Group Health Dental today. We are here to serve you with convenient, high quality dental care.

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