How to Choose a Dental Practice

People move for all sorts of reasons, and when they do they tend to keep specific qualifications in mind regarding their location. Good school districts and the commute are two of the qualifications that get the most attention. While choosing a dentist may not be a determining factor for where you land, choosing a dentist should also not be an afterthought.
Factors to consider on how to choose a dental practice:

  • Your dental insurance. If you have dental insurance, the very first thing you need to pay attention to is who your insurance allows you to see. Most PPOs and HMOs will determine who your dentist will be by limiting your options. It is vital that you pay attention to the underwriting in your insurance plan.
  • Do you have children? Family dental practices provide much broader treatment to their dental patients because they are equipped with the knowledge of all areas of dentistry. The greatest benefit of all members seeing a family dentist is that concerns that are common to family members can be caught early and given proper intervention. It is also a good idea to “interview” a dentist if you have small children in order to determine if your children feel comfortable with him or her.
  • Do you have specific dental needs? All practices have a dentist who specializes in general dentistry, but if you have more extensive dental needs it is important that you find a dentist who has the qualifications your situation requires. Contact different practices and present your situation before you visit in order to determine if a practice will meet your needs before you waste your time.
  • Convenience. While this should not be the number one factor in choosing a dental practice, it is still important. A practice that is way out of your way is likely one that you will easily put off going to. Unless you will be committed to driving back and forth, especially if you have multiple family members, it may be better to find a qualified dentist within a closer proximity.
  • Ask for recommendations. A dentist who receives multiple recommendations is always a good start. Ask around and pay attention to names that repeatedly come up.
  • Meet for a consultation. Before joining a dental practice, meet for a consultation to learn more about the dentist. Ask important questions about qualifications, flexible payment plans, insurance, office hours, and more. Use your instincts to judge your meeting, and then do your research to see if they line up.

At Group Health Dental, we feature a talented team of general dentists, Endodontists, Periodontists, and dental support professionals. We proudly meet the dental needs of patients here in New York City. Our practice is currently accepting new patients, so please contact us today.

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