How Well Do You Know Your Toothpaste?

Toothpaste. We use it and rely on it every day. Yet, how much do you really know about this gooey substance that you can’t live without? Here is a closer look at toothpaste, including why it looks and feels the way it does as well as its amazing capabilities when it comes to your smile.

Why Is Toothpaste Gritty?
You’ve probably noticed that most toothpaste has a gritty quality. This is an important abrasive component that is needed to effectively scrub away dental plaque and stubborn food particles from your tooth surface. It can also do quite the polishing job on your tooth enamel to shine your smile.
Why Are They All Mint Flavored?
The mint flavoring of toothpaste can not only freshen your breath, but it can encourage users to continue their brushing habit because they gain an instantly fresh and clean taste. Toothpastes certainly do not need to be flavored to do their job. Although you may think the mint flavoring is what gets rid of your bad breath after brushing, it is more that you are removing the bacteria that causes halitosis. Minty flavorings only mask it.
Which Is Better, Paste or Gel?
When it comes to debating paste versus gel style toothpaste, you really can’t lose. Other than flavor, texture, and any factors related to personal preference, there is minimal difference between the two on a baseline level. It comes down to your personal preference and whichever one you will actually use.
What Is The Most Important Ingredient To Look For?
Fluoride! With all the options in styles and brands of toothpaste, it is most essential that you choose a toothpaste that contains fluoride. Fluoride is highly instrumental in preventing tooth decay and protecting your teeth from harmful acids.

We understand it can be very overwhelming to visit the toothpaste aisle at the grocery store. There are toothpastes for whitening, tartar control, sensitive teeth, enamel protection and more. To narrow down your choices, it may be best to consult with your dentist on what your specific smile needs most. Regardless of your decision, make sure your toothpaste is ADA approved before you buy it. We hope that by gaining a closer relationship with your toothpaste, it will make you use it and appreciate it even more!

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