“I’m In Manhattan And I Have A Dental Emergency! What Do I Do?”

There’s nothing that can interrupt a well-planned day like a dental emergency. They never come at a convenient or non-busy time of your life. Dental emergencies come without warning or permission.  They happen!

Dental emergencies have a wide reach, from those that cause you considerable pain to those that are damaging to your appearance. They can include: extreme tooth pain, broken crowns or veneers, cold sores or ulcers, lost crown or filling, emergency tooth extractions, emergency root canals, broken dentures, abscess or infection, or others.

If you feel you have a dental emergency, it’s important to find a dental office that accepts these types of issues. Most dental offices have a traditional approach to seeing patients. They have a schedule, and stick to it!

If you’re in Manhattan for work or play, and you experience a dental emergency, contact your Manhattan emergency dentist office at Group Health Dental today. In the meantime, while you make your way to our office, you may consider rinsing your mouth with warm salt water if you have a toothache. A cold compress applied to your swelling or ache can help alleviate some of your pain as well.

If you have a chipped or broken tooth, save any portion of the tooth that you can. Be sure to apply gauze to the area that might be bleeding until your bleeding stops. A cold compress applied can also help keep your swelling down. If you lose a tooth, keep it and get to the dentist right away. Teeth that are re-implanted into their socket within one hour have a good chance of being saved.

Group Health Dental is conveniently located in midtown Manhattan. We will make your dental emergency quick, easy and as pain free as possible for you. We cater to the fast-paced Manhattan lifestyle, and we will help get you back to your busy schedule as quickly, safely and effectively as possible.

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