Invisalign – The Difference Is Clear

Perhaps the most popular clear aligner system to date, Invisalign provides patients around the globe with an easy, comfortable way to get the smile that they want. Using innovative digital scanning technologies, a customized treatment plan is mapped out in full view, allowing patients to visualize their end result. Thus, there’s no need for messy molds and goopy impressions. Once a precise 3D image has been generated, a patient’s unique aligners are engineered using an exclusive SmartTrack material. While this ensures an exact fit, each aligner is also trimmed to match the shape of a patient’s gum line. Finally, the aligner is carefully assessed for quality. With a better fit, shorter treatment (up to 50% faster!) and greater predictability, the difference is clear with Invisalign.

Perhaps one of the greatest advantages of the Invisalign system is that it allows individuals to fully live their lives, without the hassle or irritation associated with traditional metal braces. For instance, patients are not restricted when it comes to foods, sports or activities, because invisible aligners are removable. Therefore, if a person wants to go out for the night to enjoy dinner with friends, they can simply remove their aligners while eating.

Treatment using Invisalign typically requires wearing aligners 20-22 hours each day, with a new set of custom aligners provided every two weeks. Yet, this doesn’t mean that a patient needs to visit their doctor to receive their new set. In fact, regular checkups for patients wearing Invisalign are scheduled every six to eight weeks, which is far less than conventional treatment methods. When a patient commits to regularly cleaning their aligners (by simply rinsing and brushing aligners with a toothbrush each night) and wearing them as recommended, they quickly begin to experience the transformation of the Invisalign system.

New York City’s Trusted Source For Invisalign – Call Group Health Dental Today!

Why continue to be embarrassed of your smile, when there’s a clear solution that is comfortable and will not disrupt your life? The team at Group Health Dental has helped countless patients throughout New York achieve the straight smile they’ve always wanted with Invisalign clear braces. Call today to schedule an appointment with one of our specialists to see if Invisalign is right for you!

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