Make Regular Dental Appointments a Priority

If you are honest with yourself, you will admit that there are certain things that you know you should do that you find easy to put off. Exercising, perhaps? Skipping dessert? What about visiting the dentist? Making regular dental appointments is a priority that’s essential to your oral health and to the health of your entire body.

At Group Health Dental in New York, New York, provides top notch dentistry to all of our patients. Making time for regular dental care is not expensive or inconvenient – neglecting your oral health is both. Prolonging the time between dental visits sets you up for at least one of the following:

  •  A lot of scraping by your dentist or hygienist
  • Cavities that must be filled
  • Teeth that must be pulled
  • Gum infection that must be treated
  • Expenses that must be paid
  • Down time to recover from procedures

None of these choices are very appealing, are they?

At regular dental appointments, your teeth are thoroughly examined and your entire mouth is inspected for any signs of decay, infection, disease, and signs of oral cancer. All of these can develop over a short span of time, which is why regular dental appointments are necessary. It has long been recommended by the American Dental Association (ADA) that people visit the dentist twice a year at six-month intervals. This time frame allows your dentist to “catch” issues in their earliest stages so that early intervention can be started and issues taken care of right away.

Say a small cavity developed about five months after your last dental appointment, but you decided to skip your next dental appointment thinking that everything was fine. Then, during the next seven months that small cavity was given the chance to fester and infect the entire tooth as well as the gum tissues around the tooth and even the neighboring teeth. That small cavity could have been “caught” and treated with a small filling, but because you chose to skip your next appointment you are now left with a tooth that is severely infected and gum disease that is wreaking havoc on multiple teeth. All of this from missing just one dental appointment.

At Group Health Dental, we truly care about your oral health, and we are here to be advocates for a healthy mouth. We encourage you to make your regular dental appointments a priority in order to achieve and maintain optimal oral health.

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