No More Dentures

If you have lost permanent teeth and are facing tooth replacement options to restore your smile, you are likely deciding between dentures and dental implants. The most luring attraction of choosing dentures is perhaps the lower cost. However, when considering the significant advantages that dental implants has to offer in the long run, you will quickly realize it is an investment with much higher returns. Here are some noteworthy benefits of choosing dental implants over dentures:

Dental implants are surgically secured to your jawbone with a titanium post. They are a permanent solution for missing teeth. Therefore, you will not have to worry that your false teeth will become loose or fall out while you eat, speak or laugh. Dental implants give patients a more natural appearance, thus patients feel more confident in their dental implants as opposed to unnatural or ill-fitting dentures.
Dentures require maintenance. They need to be removed and cleaned daily. In addition, dentures come with the inconvenience of having to use messy, gooey denture adhesive creams every day. Dental implants function, look and feel like your natural teeth and they do not require extra maintenance steps out of your day.
Perhaps an often-overlooked drawback to dentures is the limitation patients have in their diets. Denture wearers tend to stick with soft foods. Over time, the avoidance of high-fiber foods such as fruits and vegetables will reap consequences. A diet of processed, high calorie foods can lead to obesity, diabetes and heart disease. Dental Implants can protect your long-term health.

Group Health Dental offers high quality dental implants and they can help you determine if you are a candidate to receive this revolutionary tooth replacement procedure. Don’t let the drawbacks of dentures keep you from enjoying your golden years. The improved quality of life that dental implants offer far outweighs the cost difference!

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