Oral Cancer Awareness Month

April is Oral Cancer Awareness Month. Group Health Dental is thankful for this time to shed a light on such a devastating disease that is so common. Here are a few facts related to oral cancer that you may not be aware of.

  • Oral cancer is diagnosed in over 45,000 Americans each year.
  • Approximately half of those diagnosed will be living in five years.
  • Oral cancer will cause over 9,000 deaths every day.
  • They are a part of a group of cancers referred to as head and neck cancers.
  • Oral cancer is dangerous because it often goes unnoticed by someone suffering from it. Its symptoms in the early stages are often minimal and produce no pain.
  • Oral cancer used to be more common for those over the age of 40, however it is now becoming more prevalent in those below 40.
  • Early detection of oral cancer is the key because there is a greater chance for a cure when detected in the early stages.
  • Oral cancer is also known as mouth cancer. It may arise as a primary lesion originating in any of the tissues in your mouth.
  • It is common for most oral cancers to involve your tongue.
  • Oral cancer can also appear on the floor of your mouth, inside later of your cheeks, gums, lips or roof of your mouth.


At Group Health Dental, we perform an oral cancer screening during your dental exam. We are experienced dentists who will take the time to carefully examine your entire mouth to check for any signs or symptoms of oral cancer. We will also take the time to discuss with you ways that you can help prevent oral cancer and enjoy a lifetime of good dental health. Call your Manhattan Dental Exam Experts today to book your dental exam.

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