Preventative Dental Care

With remarkable discoveries and advancements in dentistry, the practice of caring for teeth has changed, taking a more proactive approach. As such, dentists place a greater emphasis on patient education, comprehensive treatments and maintaining oral health. This is called preventative dental care, as it is designed to help individuals avoid gum disease and cavities, as well as other oral health diseases and conditions.

Colgate explains that preventative dentistry can benefit individuals at any age, and includes a variety of procedures beginning with the dental checkup itself. While most associate a regular dental visit with teeth cleaning and flossing, it is also an important opportunity for dentists to detect the potential for a host of oral health conditions. By doing so, dentists can help patients “prevent” the onset of disease and other problems. One example is the placement of dental sealants in children and adolescents, as these provide a barrier to the effects of bacteria and decay on the fissures of back teeth. In other instances, such as gingivitis or sensitive teeth, dentists use preventative measures to help patients reverse symptoms and restore their oral health.

Aside from regular visits to the dentist, individuals are encouraged to incorporate preventative dental care into their routine at home. This includes brushing teeth twice each day with fluoride toothpaste approved by the American Dental Association (ADA), flossing and eating a balanced diet that’s low in sugar. Even so, while the benefits of preventative dentistry on oral health are clear, there are secondary problems that are effectively reduced with good oral hygiene and routine dental checkups. These include diabetes, heart disease, osteoporosis, respiratory disease and cancer, as noted by Healthline.

While it is proven to enhance one’s oral and overall health, preventative dentistry also saves patients money, as problems are addressed early before they require more costly treatment.

You Can Have A Healthy, Beautiful Smile With Preventative Dental Care!

As vital components of a preventative dental care plan, dental cleanings and checkups are important to preserve an individual’s oral health today and in the future. Not only do these appointments allow for early detection of dental problems, patients are more equipped to achieve the healthy, beautiful smile that they’ve always wanted.

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