Relief for Tooth Sensitivity

Tooth sensitivity is a common complaint among many dental patients throughout the United States. Many people feel discomfort when they consume hot and cold foods and beverages, eat or drink sugary foods, and/or suck cool air into their mouth. Tooth sensitivity can be described as a dull continuous ache or a sharp, stabbing pain that comes and goes. These pains are caused by the tooth enamel being worn down or by the gums receding and exposing the tiny tubules in the inner pulp of the tooth. Tooth sensitivity affects people differently, but it should always be brought to your dentist’s attention. While most tooth sensitivity can be successfully treated, this condition can indicate that something more serious is going on.

How you brush your teeth has a great impact on their level of sensitivity. Brushing vigorously with a back and forth stroke is the most common cause of sensitive teeth. It is this harsh treatment of the teeth and gums that causes the gums to recede from the teeth. By changing your brush stroke to a gentle, circular stroke with a soft-bristled toothbrush, your gums will begin to lower back into their proper position, protecting the sensitive tooth layer. It is also very helpful for people to use toothpaste that is specifically for sensitive teeth. This toothpaste has desensitizing ingredients that will block the nerves of the teeth from being negatively affected by temperature changes. This toothpaste must be used regularly for optimal results.

It is also important, in many cases, for those with sensitive teeth to adjust their diets. Foods and beverages that are high in sugar and/or are acidic can be very damaging to the teeth. Sugars and acids eat away at the enamel of the teeth, also exposing the very sensitive layer of the teeth. By drinking water instead of sweet tea or soda, by avoiding an over indulgence in orange juice and acidic fruits, and by limiting the amount of candy that you consume, you can do a great deal to improve your tooth sensitivity.

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