Root Canals – Misunderstood

Root canals are often the most misunderstood dental procedures. Many people have often allowed their fear of the procedure to keep them from receiving the treatment that they need to save their tooth. They have chosen to lose a tooth rather than taking necessary intervention to save it. Fear of root canals starts with the misconception that root canals are an unpleasant experience. At Group Health Dental, we want you to fully understand that root canals are not painful! Infected teeth are painful.

The teeth are living features inside the body that react to damage as much of the rest of the body does. When damage affects the nerves and blood supply of a tooth, it will experience intense pain. All nerve endings are extremely sensitive, and when they are damaged they react by shooting pain to indicate that they are in danger. The root of the tooth is encompassed by the tooth enamel so that it is protected. However, cavities, decay, trauma, and infection can all compromise the health of a tooth and leave it vulnerable to severe damage. When the inner layer of a tooth is damaged, the roots are constantly being affected and causing continual pain. Root canals are simple dental procedures done to remove infection from inside the tooth to alleviate your pain and restore the tooth to health.

Whenever possible, the goal of any dental treatment is to save the tooth. When a tooth needs to be extracted or has been lost, the mouth is susceptible to a continuous decline in health and bone support. Root canals can help patients avoid more invasive and expensive procedures from being necessary. Root canal procedures are relatively simple, done in the dentist’s office under local anesthesia. Thanks to modern endodontics, root canals are safe, effective, and entirely painless. Once the anesthesia sets in, the procedure begins. Most patients compare having a root canal to having a tooth filled, with the process simply taking a bit longer.

At Group Health Dental, we want you to know that your comfort and oral health are our top priorities. Root canals alleviate your pain and restore health to the tooth, and ultimately your entire mouth. Please do not let the misconception that a root canal is a dreaded procedure keep you from this necessary treatment. Remember – root canals are not painful! Infected teeth are painful.

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