Sensitive Teeth

Sensitive teeth are common complaints among over half of all dental patients within the United States. Sensitive teeth can ruin a good bowl of ice cream or a morning cup of coffee, and they can even disrupt brushing your teeth – limiting how well you are able to clean them. If you suffer from sensitive teeth, it is important to bring up this issue with your dentist because sensitive teeth are typically indicators that something is awry with your oral health.

The teeth are made up of different layers, and the inner most layer of the teeth is known as the root of the tooth. The dentin layer covers the root of each tooth, and it has tiny tubes that allow life-giving properties to travel between the root to the outer most part of the tooth, called the enamel. It is the exposure of these tiny tubes that causes extreme jolts of pain to occur whenever hot or cold temperatures or sweet or sour tastes hit the roots of the tooth. Many people try to avoid eating or drinking certain things, using toothpaste made specifically for sensitive teeth, or to only chew on one side of their mouth. While this may help for a while, the positive effects will only last for so long – and the real issue will continue to worsen.

Sensitive teeth indicate that there is a concern with your oral health. Gum recession is a common culprit, as well as having a cracked tooth, an infected tooth, decay, or gum disease. These issues will not resolve on their own. Read that again – these issues will not resolve on their own. The mouth does not have the same healing properties that the rest of the body has. Issues within the mouth must be addressed before they begin to spread to neighboring teeth and gums. This is why, if you have sensitive teeth they must be brought to your dentist’s attention for a thorough evaluation and needed treatment.

At Group Health Dental, we are here for all of your oral health care needs. If sensitive teeth are bothersome for you, please contact our dental practice in Manhattan to schedule an appointment. We will offer the most comprehensive care to find the cause of your sensitive teeth, and we will make the most appropriate treatment recommendation. Call today.

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