Slowing Down From The Fast Pace When Brushing Your Teeth

New Yorkers are famous for figuring out how to accomplish a task quickly and efficiently. In addition, if things are not fast and efficient, we are going to find a solution for it. TransitCenter recently released a report care for our transportation systems in New York and it was found that “they gave nearly 75 percent of the city’s buses a D or an F letter grade, based on average speed and reliability.” amNEW YORK published a news story about what transit advocates are doing to find solutions to the city’s transportation challenges.

Group Health Dental is proud to serve in a city that is surrounded with and populated by people who care about innovation and efficiency. We know your fast paced life is important to you, and time is money. For that reason, we offer services such as Same Day Dentistry and One Stop Dental Care for our patients.

Group Health Dental would like to remind you that there is one area where being quick and efficient could have negative consequences for your oral health. Your daily oral care routine needs to be thorough and careful. Please don’t rush through brushing and flossing. Take your time. You may ask: “How much time should you spend brushing?” The American Dental Assosiation recommends brushing for two minutes, two times per day. You can read more about their recommendations for brushing here on the ADA’s website.

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