Tooth Loss: Know the Top Causes

Tooth loss is a huge problem throughout the U.S. While America is most certainly not a third world country, the rate at which tooth loss affects Americans is astonishing. You need your teeth! Your natural teeth provide stability and strength to your entire jaw bone and facial structure. Just the loss of one tooth has the potential to ruin your facial appearance and cost thousands of dollars to repair. Missing teeth lead to poor oral health, poor general health, speech challenges, and nutritional insufficiencies. One of the ways to prevent tooth loss is to know the top causes – and prevent them from affecting you.

Poor Oral Hygiene

The worst thing you can do for your teeth is to ignore them. It is vital that you floss your teeth daily and that you brush your teeth at least twice a day. Billions of people neglect flossing their teeth, yet this is the absolute most important part of your at-home oral care. Floss is the only tool designed to remove bacteria-laden plaque from your teeth before those bacteria eat their way through your tooth enamel. Visiting the dentist twice a year is also a chief component of your oral health care. A thorough cleaning twice a year can prevent major issues.

Bad Habits

Biting your nails, chewing ice, and drinking anything other than water before bed are habits that put your teeth at risk for loss. As 2018 approaches, make it a resolution to break these habits before you break your teeth.

Tobacco and Alcohol Consumption

Smoking, chewing tobacco, and consuming heavy amounts of alcohol are huge components in tooth loss. Both tobacco and alcohol drastically increase your risk of developing gum disease, which is a leading cause of tooth loss throughout the world.

Poor Nutrition

Your dietary choices affect every area of your entire body. Your teeth are living features, and, therefore, need proper nutrition to remain strong and healthy. Eating a well-rounded diet of fruits, vegetables, dairy, and protein will strengthen your teeth. Limiting sugars, acids, and carbs will decrease the level of decay.


Blunt force trauma is a common reason for tooth loss. If you are involved in any type of contact sporting activity, it is essential that you wear a mouth guard to protect your smile.

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