When Dental Extractions Become Necessary

With the exception of extremely rare genetic disorders, every person on the planet is born with two sets of teeth – “baby” teeth that are meant to fall out, and “permanent” teeth that are meant to replace the first teeth and last for a lifetime. It is almost impossible to imagine life without your teeth. Teeth are responsible for chewing food in order for it to be broken down for easy digestion. They are also necessary for proper speech, holding facial features in place, and for the aesthetic function of smiling. However, many factors impact whether or not a person’s teeth will last for a lifetime or whether they will be lost. When disease, infection, or serious trauma affects the teeth, dental extractions often become necessary in order to promote the health of the entire mouth.

Of course, keeping all of the teeth in the mouth permanently in tact is the optimal goal. With preventive care, regular cleanings and checkups, and maintaining a good relationship with your dental care provider – chances are much greater that your teeth will last a lifetime. However, no one can predict an emergency or trauma situation where a tooth’s life can be compromised in an instant. Severe trauma to a tooth can cause it to be knocked out immediately, or it can cause the tooth to be so damaged that it cannot be saved. Dental extractions also become necessary when disease or infection is too severe and they do not respond to antibiotics. By extracting the tooth, the risk of the infection spreading to neighboring teeth or other parts of the mouth is significantly reduced.

No one wishes to have a tooth extracted, but there are situations that occur when dental extractions become necessary. The procedure is done by numbing the area or giving general anesthesia first and then removing the tooth. Once the tooth has been extracted, a few dissolving stitches will be used to close the gums.

There are options available for replacing the newly extracted tooth so that your smile can once again be complete. Prevention and protection are key to keeping your teeth in tact for a lifetime, but when dental extractions are required – for the sake of the rest of your teeth – do not put them off.

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