Why Are My Teeth Yellow?

Are you constantly covering your smile because of yellow teeth? Are your teeth becoming more yellow over time? There are many reasons that cause teeth to become yellow. To regain a bright, white smile, it is important to first understand the specific reason for your yellow teeth and get to the root of your problem.

There are some contributing factors that are beyond our control. Some people can blame their yellow teeth on their parents. Genetic disposition can determine the thickness of the outermost layer of your teeth, or tooth enamel. Therefore, if you have thin tooth enamel, the yellowish dentin layer of your teeth will be more visible. Age also affects the thickness of your tooth enamel. Thus, as you age and your enamel gets thinner, it will again cause the natural yellow color of dentin to show through your teeth.

Yellow teeth can be caused by certain medications as well, especially if taken at a young age. Some of the most common and stubborn tooth stains are those caused by tetracycline. Taking tetracycline or doxycycline before the age of eight can unfortunately cause permanent stains on your teeth. Certain antihistamines, anti-hypertensive medicines and antipsychotic drugs and products made with chlorhexidine can also cause yellow staining. Yellow teeth in a child can actually be the result of a pregnant mother who had a certain disease or infection that affected the way dentin was developed in her unborn child. Chemotherapy and radiation to the head and neck to treat certain cancers has been linked to yellowing of the teeth.

More obvious reasons for yellow teeth include certain foods, beverages and of course tobacco use. Tooth stains from food and drinks that you consume are not always yellow. Most people don’t realize that even apples and potatoes can cause teeth to yellow. Tobacco is a common cause for yellow teeth. Cigars, cigarettes and chewing tobacco leave hard to remove extrinsic stains on the enamel of your teeth.

Regardless of your reason for yellow teeth, whether it be something you can control or not, you can benefit from a professional teeth whitening at your dentist’s office to rectify the problem. Group Health Dental specializes in helping patients who struggle with yellow teeth. They offer ZOOM! teeth whitening as a safe, effective and proven method to help you achieve a confident, white smile. You can expect a ZOOM! whitening procedure to last just one hour and it can lighten your smile by up to seven shades. With the advancements in cosmetic dental technology today, there is no reason you should have to cover your smile because of yellow teeth.

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