Wisdom Teeth Removal

Wisdom teeth are also known as the “third molars” that erupt in the mouth between the ages of 17-24. They are given the name “wisdom” teeth because they come in at a much later age than the rest of the teeth. Many people require the removal of wisdom teeth because of the damage and/or pain that they can cause inside the mouth. If your wisdom teeth are impacted, partially impacted, or erupting sideways, it is important that you have the necessary procedure to remove the wisdom teeth from your mouth before serious damage to your teeth occurs.

For those who visit the dentist on a regular basis, your dentist will easily be able to spot when your wisdom teeth are trying to erupt and/or causing issues. Dental X-rays give dentists a clear picture of where the wisdom teeth are inside the mouth and when they need to come out. However, for those who do not receive regular dental care, there are problems that occur with wisdom teeth misalignment. Any of these issues need to be addressed immediately:

  • Pain in the back teeth
  • Swollen gums in the back of the mouth
  • An infection inside the mouth
  • Movement of your teeth
  • Nerves in the back of the mouth that are constantly “zapping”

Wisdom teeth removal is a common dental surgical procedure that is done as an outpatient procedure. The sockets are opened up and the wisdom teeth are removed from the mouth. The entire procedure is done under anesthetic so that no pain is felt. There will be a few days of recuperation where the gums may bleed a little and be sore. Maintaining a cold liquid diet will be necessary until the surgical sites heal.

If you or your child needs to have a wisdom teeth removal procedure here in the Manhattan area, please contact Group Health Dental to schedule an appointment. We are proud to serve patients of all ages with exceptional care and a gentle hand. It is important to have your wisdom teeth removed before they begin damaging your mouth!

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