Wisdom Teeth: Time to Take Action?

Not all people choose to have their wisdom teeth removed. And not all people will experience problems from their wisdom teeth. However, there are some telltale signs that you need to be aware of so that you know when it is time to take action. You may not think of a dental emergency in relation to wisdom teeth. However, this third set of molars can cause serious problems in your mouth that you will want to take care of immediately.

Although most of our teeth come in orderly and predictably, wisdom teeth do not always follow the rules. Wisdom teeth can erupt any time between the late teens to early 20’s. Unfortunately, there is not adequate room for most wisdom to erupt without crowding your surrounding teeth. Crowding, impaction and potential infection remain the most common reasons that patients choose wisdom teeth extraction.

Perisoronitis can develop easily if you have a partially-erupted wisdom tooth. It occurs when the tooth has become inflamed by food that is lodged beneath the gum line. A thorough dental cleaning and antibiotic treatment can help perisoronitis before the infection progresses. An oral infection brings much discomfort and puts your overall health at risk.

Crowding caused by wisdom teeth eruption triggers a whole new set of problems. Since you will have a tough time properly brushing and flossing your teeth, you are at a higher risk for tooth decay or other oral health problems. For others, the wisdom teeth never erupt at all. In these cases, wisdom teeth can become impacted beneath the gum and wreak havoc on neighboring teeth, not to mention your personal comfort level.

If you think your pain and discomfort may be coming from your wisdom teeth, consult your dentist right away. Group Health Dental serves patients with the most comprehensive dental services and skilled expertise when it comes to wisdom teeth and extraction procedures. Your dentist can evaluate the progress of your wisdom teeth and examine the effect they are having on your teeth and jaw alignment. If wisdom teeth removal will prevent more serious and costly dental complications in the future, it may be time to take action now.

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