Work-Related Mouth Or Jaw Injuries

Traumatic dental injuries can happen as a result of an accident or injury during work, sports or other activities. Many of these types of injuries are minor, such as a chipped tooth, but dislodging your tooth or having it knocked out completely can be more severe. Any trauma that impacts an employee from the neck up is most likely to involve a dental injury.

No matter what the extent of your tooth injury is, it’s important to get it checked out immediately by a dentist. Not only is success rate more likely if treated quickly, but it’s also important to so that other, unnoticed, injuries are checked for by a thorough dental exam. Injuries can also occur in the muscles in your jaw as well.

If you get a dental injury at work you should notify your supervisor right away about the incident. After you notified your employer and filled out the proper papers, you must find a dentist that is a participating provider of the worker’s compensation program.

Group Health Dental is familiar with the protocol that governs your workers’ comp claims for your mouth trauma. We understand that both the filing of the workers’ comp claim and treatment of your mouth injury need to be completed in a timely manner.

If you’ve been injured on the job, and you work in or around Manhattan, come and see us at Group Health Dental. We take dental emergencies in our office and we will provide you with quick and effective dental care to help you as you process through the difficulties of suffering from a dental injury while at work.

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