Your Dental Hygienist

Group Health Dental has some of the brightest and most professional staff. As soon as you enter our office you notice the warm atmosphere and caring professionals that have your comfort and optimal dental health at the top of their priority lists.

Dental hygienists are vital to every dental office, and especially to Group Health Dental. Our highly qualified dental hygienists are trained, licensed professionals motivated by your satisfaction.

Top 5 Reasons Dental Hygienists are important to dental offices.

  1. Your hygienist can help remove harmful deposits from all surfaces of your teeth. Your teeth will be cleared from calculus and plaque that cause harmful oral health if left on your teeth.
  2. Your hygienist loves your teeth. She loves talking about your teeth and counseling you about good nutrition and all things dental.
  3. Your hygienist keeps track of your dental health through documentation.
  4. Your hygienist can help your prevent future dental problems by applying preventive treatments such as sealants and fluorides (if needed).
  5. Your hygienist is a creative genius. With each patient that enters their care, they discover and create an environment of comfort and optimal care.

Book your general dental appointment with Group Health Dental today! We offer a full menu of services in dentistry, which includes treatments to protect and restore your teeth and gums at your stage of life. From providing sealants for a young patient to replacing missing teeth in a senior adult, your smile is in good hands at Group Health Dental.

Group Health Dental – New York Dentist
230 W 41st St, Second Floor
New York, NY 10036
Phone: (212) 398-9690

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