Your Sensitive Teeth May Be Trying To Tell You Something

If you’re a sensitive person, it can be a good thing. It means you have the ability to detect or respond to slight changes, signals or influences. You also probably have a great ability to pick up on others’ feelings. A sensitive person is a thoughtful person.

If you have sensitive teeth, this can mean something similar when it comes to your oral health. Sensitivity in teeth typically it is a signal that there is a slight change in your teeth that may be causing your tooth discomfort and sensitivity. The sensitivity means that they are trying to tell you something might be wrong. It may cause you to have a slight twinge of pain when you drink something hot or cold. It may also cause discomfort when you eat sweet or sour foods.

Your tooth enamel, or lack of it, can cause your teeth to become sensitive. It works as an insulator against potentially painful temperatures and chemicals. Your enamel is the hard outer layer of your teeth. When some of that protective layer is worn away, it can cause sensitivity. There are many ways your enamel may be worn down and you may be experiencing sensitivity.

Causes of Tooth Erosion

  • Soft drinks and fruit drinks consumed in excess
  • Dry mouth
  • High sugar and starch diets
  • Gastrointestinal problems
  • Medication
  • Genetics
  • Harmful habits such as grinding

If you’re searching for the cause of your sensitive teeth, it’s time to call Group Health Dental. We can help evaluate your oral habits and health to determine the cause of your tooth sensitivity and help you regain the pain-free oral health you deserve. Call Group Health Dental to schedule your appointment today.

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