Your Talking Teeth

Did you know your teeth could talk? While they can’t speak any words, they can tell stories just by looking at them. Our dentists at Group Health Dental are excellent at seeing what your teeth are communicating.

Your Teeth Can Tell A Story Of The Foods You Eat

Certain foods and drinks can leave a mark on your teeth. Drinks like coffee, wine, and tea can discolor your teeth and stain them. Foods and drinks that are highly acidic (citrus fruits and tomatoes) can leave a yellowish color to your teeth. The acid can erode your enamel and expose a yellowish colored dentin.

Your Teeth Can Reveal A Story Of Your Nighttime Harmful Habits

Bruxism is a nighttime habit of grinding or clenching your teeth. It’s highly possible that you’re not aware that you do this because you’re sleeping while it’s happening. Our dental professionals at Group Health Dental can “read” your teeth to see signs of wear by looking for worn, flattened, fractured, chipped or loose teeth. They will also ask if you experience jaw, neck or face pain, which can be an indication of bruxism.

Your Teeth Can Show Signs Of Other Physical Issues

Did you know that if you have diabetes you are more prone to gum disease? You may have inflamed gums that bleed more often or infections inside your mouth. Eating disorders also can affect your oral health. Your tooth enamel can be lost and cause a change in your color, shape and length.

Book your appointment with Group Health Dental. We will examine your teeth and determine the best treatment for your particular dental issue. We offer treatments such as custom night guards, professional whitening, preventive and restorative care.

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