ZOOM! Teeth Whitening For The Groom

It’s spring and weddings are popping up at every romantic location all around our beautiful city! Love is certainly in the air and we “love” love! We love it when our patients come in to ensure their dental health is good and their teeth are white and ready for the hundreds of wedding photos that will be taken on that special day.

Group Health Dental would like to remind the soon-to-be-married people that it’s not just the bride who can wear white for weddings. Often times, the focus on white is on the bride. The white dress, shoes and teeth all make for that beautiful wedding day photo. However, let’s not forget the importance of the groom wearing white as well.

It would be a shame if the bride ensures all of her whites are pearly white, and the groom fails to do the same. The contrast between all of her white to the groom’s yellowish or grayish smile could put a real damper on the big wedding day and photos.

To ensure that all your wedding whites match up, book a couple’s ZOOM! teeth whitening appointment today. Your smiles will light up the wedding day and give you both the confidence you need and want on your very big day.

Book your ZOOM! in-office whitening today at Group Health Dental. We can lighten your smile by six to seven shades in just an average of one hour! We look forward to seeing you in our office and getting you ready for your very special (and white) wedding day!

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