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Group Health Dental:
Who We Are

Are you looking for a dental office near Times Square that meets all your needs? Looking for a quality dentist who understands, listens to your concerns, and makes you feel comfortable? Then, come to Group Health Dental of Manhattan! We are proud of our patient-centered approach to care. Our dental team goes above and beyond, ensuring each patient feels heard and respected. With convenience options like easy scheduling, same-day appointments, and payment plans tailored around your budget, it is no wonder why so many New Yorkers choose Group Health Dental as their trusted family dentistry provider.

Excellent Care

We work hard to give you the excellent dental care you deserve.

Convenient Times

We make things easier with flexible, convenient scheduling options.

Advanced Technology

We improve our treatments by investing in the latest dental technology.

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Our Office Space

Our team of dental experts is dedicated to making your next oral health experience as comfortable and pleasant as possible. Group Health Dental invests in contemporary technology and cares deeply about your comfort and success. Our NYC dentists understand that a trip to the dentist’s office can be nerve-wracking, so our mission is to ensure you feel secure, confident, and welcome throughout your appointment, whether you’re coming in for a routine cleaning or an extensive treatment plan. Some of the key amenities that make Group Health Dental a top-notch facility include:

  • Refreshment station
  • Patient goodie bags (with chapstick, toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, and mouthwash)
  • Paperless electronic forms
  • Easy and convenient online scheduling