General Dentistry

Our mission at Group Health Dental of Manhattan is to provide residents of New York City with the best dental care possible. We offer patients all they need to preserve and maintain a beautiful smile through our general dentistry services. Our team is dedicated to providing the highest level of care to each patient, and we make sure that our exams, cleanings, and treatments are tailored to fit their individual needs. Contact our office today if you are looking for quality dental care in New York, NY, and we will be happy to serve you!

Exam & Cleaning

Maintaining your oral health involves getting regular cleanings and dental exams. We will examine your teeth and gum tissues thoroughly during these appointments to look for indications of tooth decay, infection, gum disease, or oral cancer. Your dentist may take x-rays during your examination to help uncover issues that may be difficult to observe during a standard exam. Although you may be taking excellent care of your smile at home, our team can remove hard-to-reach plaque or tartar buildup during a professional cleaning, significantly reducing your risk of cavities or gum disease. 

Our team places a high priority on the dental health of our patients. If any problem areas are noticed during your check-up, we will provide you with the treatment you need and resources to prevent the worsening or reoccurrence of the problem. Upon leaving our office, our goal is that our patients will feel closer to our team and more confident about their dental hygiene routine.


Bonding is a process used to fix minor tooth damage and prevent decay or worsening problems resulting in teeth weakened by chips or cracks. The dentist uses a composite material that matches the natural color of the patient’s teeth to cover the damages and restore strength to the tooth. The composite can be shaped and applied to fit the tooth properly, ensuring that appearance and function are restored. Once the bonding material is suitably contoured, it is hardened and bonded to the tooth using ultraviolet light.


Crowns are utilized to preserve a patient’s tooth following an extensive injury or removal of large areas of decay. A dental crown is custom-made for each patient to ensure the exact fit for the affected tooth. Once applied, crowns look and feel like a natural tooth, blending in with surrounding teeth and presenting an incredible cosmetic and functional restoration for the patient. 

Root Canals

Root canals are relatively common procedures that are performed to save a patient’s tooth from dying after the tooth’s interior has been exposed. A tooth’s health can be compromised in cases of severe decay or injury, making a root canal necessary to preserve the natural tooth. 

While many patients presume the procedure to be painful, root canals actually provide immediate relief from pain or discomfort from their toothache caused by infection or pulp exposure. If you believe you need a root canal, don’t put off your treatment. An infection in your tooth could eventually spread to other teeth or other parts of your body if left untreated.

Mouthguards for Bruxism

At our office, we provide custom mouthguards for patients suffering from bruxism. Bruxism is a condition classified by excessive clenching or grinding of the teeth, leading to tooth sensitivity, tooth damage, or inflammation of the jaw joints (TMD). Many patients don’t even realize they have the condition, as the grinding and clenching happen subconsciously, most often while sleeping. Mouthguards can be worn by these patients while sleeping to hinder the connection between the upper and lower teeth, preventing further tooth damage. With our specially designed, high-quality mouthguards, you will receive protection that is durable, comfortable, and custom-created to fit your teeth. 

TMJ Therapy (Mouthguards)

TMJ therapy may be utilized for patients suffering from misalignment or inflammation of the temporomandibular joint (TMJ). This joint acts as a hinge between the skull and the jawbone, allowing patients to open and close their mouths. Patients experiencing TMJ disorder or TMD may have symptoms such as headaches, clicking or jaw popping, dizziness, or tenderness along the jawline. 

TMD can occur due to injury of the jaw, neck, or head and may also be caused by bruxism. If you’re suffering from TMD as a result of bruxism, mouthguards can be worn to prevent continued teeth clenching and grinding, offering relief from symptoms and relaxing the TMJ.


Dentures offer an excellent solution for replacing missing teeth, restoring both function and appearance to your smile. They are custom-created, removable dental appliances that sit on your gum line to appear natural and support facial muscles, preventing premature aging in appearance due to the missing teeth. 

We offer both partial and complete dentures at our office to ensure that we can customize your tooth replacement to fit you precisely. Partial dentures can clip or suction into place and are designed to replace one or more missing teeth. Complete dentures are created to fit an entire arch of missing teeth and can be secured using suction or adhesive. 

Emergency Dentistry

Our team is prepared to handle your dental emergency in our Manhattan office. If you’re experiencing pain or discomfort due to an injury, tooth infection, severe decay, or another ailment, we will work to ensure you’re given access to the care you need as quickly as possible. We understand that emergencies are unpredictable, and our office strives to support you by providing your treatment when you need it most. If you’re experiencing a dental emergency, contact our office immediately for further guidance so we can help you maintain your oral health.

The Quality Care You Deserve

At our office, we believe that dentistry is about more than just oral care; it’s about working hard every day to bring the best possible experience to our patients. The mission of our practice is to promote health and quality dental care as an integral part of a lifestyle that will benefit our patients’ oral health for life. If you’re interested in visiting a dental office that will personally ensure that you are taken care of, we invite you to contact our office in New York, NY, today!

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