How to Whiten Restorative Dentistry: Manhattan Dentist Explains 

How to Whiten Restorative Dentistry: Manhattan Dentist Explains 

If you’ve experienced damage, decay, or tooth loss, you likely had some sort of restorative dentistry. Now, you may want to refresh the aesthetics of your smile with ZOOM® teeth whitening, but how will that affect your restoration? If you have dental crowns, dental implants, or other restorations and are curious how they’ll respond to teeth whitening treatments, Group Health Dental’s cosmetic and restorative dentist in Manhattan explains your options for getting a uniform, pearly white smile. 

Do Teeth Whitening Procedures Whiten Restorative Dentistry?

When you receive restorative dentistry treatment at Group Health Dental, the finished product, like a crown resting on an implant, is stained to match the surrounding teeth. This makes sense—you don’t want a fix to be glaringly obvious. 

However, ZOOM teeth whitening works on natural tooth enamel, so restorative materials like porcelain, ceramic, and composite do not respond to bleaching agents the same way. As a result, these restorations will not whiten in tandem with your natural teeth and may lead to a mismatched appearance after a whitening treatment.

Replacing Restorations to Match Whitened Teeth

If you’re considering teeth whitening and you have restorative dentistry, our Manhattan cosmetic dentist can talk about your options. And you do have options. 

One solution is to replace your restorations. If your crowns or fillings are old, we might recommend whitening your natural teeth to your desired shade first, then creating new restorations to match. 

Applying Veneers to Your Smile

If your restorations are relatively new or it’s not the right time to replace them, we can suggest alternative cosmetic treatments to achieve a uniform color across your smile. A popular solution is porcelain veneers. These are applied to the front of your teeth not only to change their color but also to give them a straighter appearance. We remove a small amount of enamel from the front of your teeth and then apply thin, tooth-colored shells in a shade you love.

Using Dental Bonding to Brighten Your Look

Another less invasive option is dental bonding. Unlike veneers, bonding doesn’t do anything to your natural tooth. We apply the tooth-colored resin in a shade you pick out, shape it to create a uniform appearance, and harden it with a light. Bonding also adds a layer of protection to your teeth, making it more than just a cosmetic procedure. 

Maintaining a Bright Smile with Restorative Dentistry in Manhattan

To maintain the newfound brightness of your smile—whether it’s the result of whitening procedures, new restorations, or other cosmetic treatments—Group Health Dental creates a custom care regimen. From specialized tips to scheduling checkups to monitor your smile, we can help you keep both your natural teeth and your restored ones bright and clean.

Ready, Set, Shine: Book Your Consultation Today!

Achieving that perfect smile with teeth whitening when you have crowns or implants requires careful planning and professional guidance. Fortunately, Group Health Dental is your ally in creating a customized approach that brings out the best in your smile. We’re your destination for both cosmetic and restorative dentistry in Manhattan, so contact us today to get information on teeth whitening, restoration replacement, and alternative options to brighten your look.