Dental Implants

Publicized as the most important dental advancement in dental history,dental implants have revolutionized how missing teeth can be replaced. Dental implants are a permanent solution to missing teeth that allow people the full function and appearance of a natural, complete smile. Group Health Dental is proud to be a leading provider of dental implants here in Manhattan. Located in Midtown Manhattan, Group Health Dental offers comprehensive dental services to the residents of New York with convenient, personalized dental care. We are here to serve patients so that they can restore their smiles to optimal health, beauty, and confidence.

Millions of Americans have teeth missing from their smiles for many different reasons. Dental decay, infections, gum disease, and trauma to the mouth are common causes for tooth loss. While people have often chosen to simply leave an empty space inside their mouth where a tooth used to be, dentists understand that this empty space will lead to further, more complicated dental issues. Teeth work together to support one another, and the jaw bone’s stability is dependent upon all teeth being rooted in their sockets. When a hole is left empty inside the mouth, the teeth on either side of the empty space will begin to weaken and the jaw bone will begin to deteriorate. Bone deterioration will eventually cause the neighboring teeth to fall out, and this will continue over time until all of the teeth are compromised. Dental implants provide the stability that the jaw bone and the remaining teeth need for strength.

While dentures are an option for tooth replacement, dental implants provide a permanent replacement. Dentures must be replaced every few years due to the changes in the mouth structure – because dentures do not support the jaw bone. As the mouth continues to change, dentures must be refabricated to fit comfortably inside the mouth. The drawback to dental implants is the upfront cost – they are expensive. However, in the long run dental implants will pay for themselves because they do not have to be replaced.

If you have missing teeth or damaged teeth that need to be extracted and replaced, contact Group Health Dental for a consultation. We are proud to offer implant dentistry in a caring and comfortable environment. Contact us today to begin your process to a healthier, more beautiful smile.

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