Cracked Tooth Repair

Cracked Tooth Repair in Manhattan

Are you dealing with cracked, chipped, or broken teeth? If so, there’s no time like the present to schedule a general dentistry appointment for cracked tooth repair. The appearance of your smile is important, and a damaged tooth can quickly impact confidence. That doesn’t mean there isn’t hope! Regardless of the severity of your dental damage, Group Health Dental in Manhattan can restore the look and feel of your natural teeth—from repairs targeting esthetics to major restorations for functional normalcy.

The Different Types of Dental Fractures

A cracked tooth can be a common dental issue experienced by many people, and it occurs when the outer layer of your tooth, also known as enamel, ruins. Tooth cracking can happen for various reasons, such as biting hard objects or experiencing trauma to the face or mouth. While any cracked tooth can seem tragic, teeth commonly break down in one of five ways:

  • Craze Lines: Light, shallow lines that develop on the enamel
  • Fractured Cusps: Breakage of the top-most part of the tooth, such as molars that have developed chips and cracks from usage
  • Cracked Teeth: A vertical fracture that runs from the top of the tooth
  • Split Teeth: Distinct breaks that separate a tooth into multiple parts
  • Vertical Root Fractures: Start at the tooth root and extend towards the surface, and can be challenging to identify without an X-ray

Is cracked tooth repair always necessary?

Sometimes, it is easy to overlook a cracked tooth, but it is important to seek dental assistance immediately. Cracked tooth repair is necessary to prevent further damage and ensure proper dental hygiene. If left untreated, a cracked tooth can pose a risk for infection, pain, and sensitivity. Your dentist may suggest specific treatment options for cracked tooth repair based on the severity of the damage.






In a worst-case scenario, one might need dental extraction and replacement with one of the following tooth replacement devices:

Dental Bridge


Dental Implants

It’s important to note that sometimes a cracked tooth may not require treatment. If the crack is minimal and does not reach the inner tooth, cracked tooth repair may be unnecessary. Additionally, if the crack is in a tooth that is not easily visible and does not cause pain or discomfort, it may not require repair.

That said, it is essential to consult with a dental professional to determine if cracked tooth repair is necessary in your case. Therefore, don’t neglect any signs of damage and visit Group Health Dental for the proper treatment.

How to Fix a Cracked Tooth (Effectively)

When repairing a cracked tooth, the specific course of action will depend on factors such as the type,
location, and severity of the fracture. Fortunately, there’s no need to worry! Our team of experienced NYC dentists is here to guide you through the process and discuss the various treatment options available during your cracked tooth repair appointment.

Our Manhattan dentists are well-equipped to handle diagnosis and repair. During a dental exam, your dentist can identify a cracked tooth by looking for visible signs or using a special dye test. From there, they will recommend a treatment plan depending on the severity of the crack. Whatever the case, remember that you are not alone in dealing with a cracked tooth. Receiving proper dental care can help alleviate the pain and restore your smile.

Rest assured. Group Health Dental will provide you with all the necessary information and support to make an informed decision about your dental care at your next cracked tooth repair session.

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